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Starcraft Flash RPG

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game description:

Play Starcraft Flash RPG! Level up one of the most famous characters, buy new units and upgrades, fight hordes of enemies, but finally, meet and kill a new ultimate Zerg creation! Features: about 5-10 hours of playtime, save / load game, autosave after every won battle, quests, npcs etc.. Warning: This game is hard. Just don't give up after first loose.. (If you still die alot, reduce difficulty to "low", but remember "hard" is the best). Starcraft RPG Flash Game!!!

game instructions:

After starting a new game, click on your hero (in the middle of the screen) and turn \"selection lock\" to ON, so you can click anywhere to move. Your first step should be to go to Barracks and buy medic or firebat. After that, just go out of the city and enjoy watching how your squad kills some zergs. You gain experiences, minerals and gas in battles or by doing quests. Spend them in Barracks, Factory, Shop, Spaceport or Laboratory. Remember: This is not an action game! Just sit and enjoy the show :-) Not all locations are accessible, this is because of the 10 MB limit.


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Starcraft Flash RPG
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