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Circle Of Pain

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game description:

A Gravity Bending Battle Royal! Take control of an upgrade-able fighter ( color choice on main menu ) and fight your way though 170 levels of back-stabbing, mine-exploding, trap-dodging, platform jumping action! The game saves your progress, so you can fight another day.

game instructions:

If it becomes too much to take all at once, you can always quit for a while. The game saves your progress, so you can fight another day. Use the arrows at the main menu to choose your fighter and dive into battle. You do NOT have to go in order of levels. Feel free to skip a level and return after your skills are honed. The choice is yours. The first 90 levels are free-bees, but you gotta earn the rest.
"LEFT" & "RIGHT": move you around the circles
"UP": jumps between circles, when held adjust camera "up"
"DOWN": drops a mine ( if you have any )
"Z": initiates "zoom" when adrenaline bar is full
"X": initiates "shield" when adrenaline bar is full
"C": switches between normal and landscape camera view
"A": ( after collision )--- launches hook ( if you've purchased it )
"S":( after collision )--- launches gust ( if you've purchased it )


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Circle Of Pain
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