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Thing Thing 4

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Play Thing Thing 4 games now! The Thing-Thing series continues with more guns, blood and action!

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You're in enemy territory, so figure out what types of guns they're using the most and you'll never run low on ammo. Dodge bullets with backflips or double jumps. Enemies can't hit you when you're evading in mid-air, but your accuracy suffers greatly. Duck and lower your profile. If you make yourself a smaller target it's less likely that a bullet will hit you. Stay out of enemy range and give yourself enough time to see bullets coming towards you or get inside of an enemies' kill zone and take em out with your melee! If you run out of ammo and there isn't any available on the ground... throw the gun at an enemy (using the SPACE key) to do a small amount of damage. It may just do them in! AIM FOR THE HEAD! If you're about to die, run away and hide somewhere! If you can avoid being hit for a few seconds you'll begin to heal. (One of the many advantages of being a bio-weapon).


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Thing Thing 4
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