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Boxhead - The Zombie Wars

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game description:

Zombie Wars brings a new feature to the series, now you can construct your own base with turrets and barricades. This game is one of a kind. Is full with new features and ready to play. Jon Bambo is the star of this game and he is alone. Equipped with an awesome arsenal of weapons including the new minigun, placable turrets and airstrikes, he will need to use these wisely as the enemy has multiplied 10 fold and are hard than ever. The objective is simple: Kill all the baddies, Zombies through to the Devil. You only get one life so use it wisely otherwise you will be slaughtered. To earn new weapons and equipment, kill the enemy quickly and as many as possible with one shot to increase the Multiplier. As the Multiplier increases you gain new weapons and the weapons you already have are then upgraded. To get the highest score possible get the multiplier up to 999, this means that for every Zombie killed you will earn 100x999 and not just 100 points.

game instructions:

The main character is controlled by the Keyboard:

Movement: 'the arrow keys'
Shoot: 'Space bar'
Next/Prev Weapon: 'Z' and 'X'
Select weapon: 'Number Keys'

All keys are definable in Level selection screen with config.
Also to pause the game is 'P' key.

Show profiler: SHIFT-CONTROL-Insert
Scroll screen: SHIFT-CONTROL-Arrows
Reset scroll position: SHIFT-CONTROL-Home
Hud on/off: SHIFT-CONTROL-Pageup


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Boxhead - The Zombie Wars
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